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Aphrodite Metropolis (1)

Kenneth Fearing

"Myrtle loves Harry"—It is sometimes hard to remember a thing like that,
Hard to think about it, and no one knows what to do with it when he has it,
So write it out on a billboard that stands under the yellow light of an "L" platform among popcorn wrappers and crushed cigars,
A poster that says "Mama I Love Crispy Wafers So."
Leave it on a placard where somebody else gave the blonde lady a pencil moustache, and another perplexed citizen deposited:
"Jesus Saves. Jesus Saves."
One can lay this bundle down there with the others,
And never lose it, or forget it, or want it.
"Myrtle loves Harry."
They live somewhere.

Neutrality Loathsome

Robert Herrick

God will have all, or none; serve Him, or fall
Down before Baal, Bel, or Belial:
Either be hot, or cold: God doth despise,
Abhorre, and spew out all Neutralities.

Why was this poem recommended?

Currently this poetry engine looks a set of features about the poems and chooses a poem with the most similar set of features. Below you can see the features of each poem. Right now "most similar" is a simple Euclidean distance. Further work includes adding more sophisticated features and determining similarity differently. I talk about the features and similarity metric more on the about page.

Feature Aphrodite Metropolis (1) Neutrality Loathsome
NumLines 10 4
NumWords 113 30
WidthInChar 61.00 39.75
AvgWordSize 4.49 4.43
RepetitionScore 0.28 0.30
ObscurityScore 0.41 0.41
SentenceScore 0.13 0.12